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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alberta is LIVE!

Hey folks,

Tomorrow is the Regatta here in St. John's... weather permitting of course. We won't know until the racing committee reads the augurs sometime before dawn.

Today however marks a different celebration in Alberta. Bob Costall has joined us as the Alberta Admin. Bob, who lives in Edmonton has kicked things off with a great Photoguide about the Waskahegan Hiking Trail.

As Bob notes
Often in settled country it is difficult to reach potential photographic sites because of private ownership. The Waskahegan Trail offers entry to miles and miles of central Alberta countryside not otherwise accessible. With multiple access points and varied terrain there are lots of opportunities for photography.

The Alberta blog is live and we look forward to lots of great Photoguides to come!

Cheers, Bob!


Andy Frazer said...


Welcome to the OSPG project. It's great see new admins take on a section of the world.

I just had two suggestions about your recent guide.

First, if you could add a blank line after each block of text that comes right before an image (such as after "...along the lake." just before the first image) it would really improve the eye appeal.

Second, in the section GETTING THERE, there's a carriage return between the second and third sentences. Again, for eye appeal, it might be good if you could either remove the carriage return, or put the third sentence into its own paragraph.

Your photographs look great. If I was up that way I would love to hike up there when there's just a few inches of snow on the ground.

Andy Frazer

Anita said...

Hello Bob,
As President of the Waskahegan Trail Association I want to congratulate you on your fine photography. It is a delight to view your photographs which add such appeal to our trail.
I agree with your comments that this trail is a real treasure as 65% of it is on private land, where the landowners have granted us access.
We are 180 members strong, with about 150 landowners.
Anyone who hikes this trail is asked to tread lightly and give thanks.

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